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It has recently been revealed by U.S. Census Bureau that the amount women spend on apparel is more than double the amount spent by men. In 2019, the revenue of the women's and girls' apparel market reached 187.8 billion U.S. dollars. This tells us that within the female market there is a huge demand for shopping. Shopping is a habit and we do it for many reasons. A survey carried out in 2009 by Professor Karen J. Pine of the University of Hertfordshire revealed female economic behavior and the emotional regulatory role of spending provides an insight into the spending habits of women. The study found that a significant proportion of women use shopping as a way of relieving unhappiness, and some respondents attributed their emotional shopping spree as a thrill they just cannot control.

To some extent, the personal outfit is one of our major struggles. Such supply-driven business has led to many achievements in fashion and its related industries. Throughout history, people have been judged based on their looks, appearance, and for who they are because of the media and society’s stereotypes. In this regard, fashion magazines have been a leading mentor in society’s opinion of fashion by providing us with a precedent of images and combinations. However, they have reduced in popularity as social media grows more present in our daily lifestyles, to the extent that, as of today, one of the hit trends on social media is fashion. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube have become an ultimate destination for those who seek influential opinions to address their fashion and style-related needs. But as traditional fashion magazines diminish, have any of these digital platforms been successful enough to become our ultimate fashion guide?

When COVID hit the globe, we experienced an entirely different way of living. We learned how to be more flexible and to benefit from digital tools. It has been a few years since we have started seeing new digital innovations in the fashion/shopping industry. They have formed with the promise of easing our lives and improving the way we dress. Despite the convenience of online shopping or ready to wear dress packages such as the personal styling service Stitch Fix, most of us remain alienated due to cost and do not find a personal niche within these new services . One of the missing pieces to almost all of these digital tools is human interaction, particularly a human touch with taste and opinions. People are not buying clothes just for sake of covering their body and there are multiple aspects which encourage us to make purchases. Social interaction with friends and family, or even a stranger, is a key component, especially as there is an emotional association with shopping. We believe shopping should not be downgraded into a computer-generated algorithm. The aspect of human touch and one-on-one interactions must remain present in our lives. Therefore, we have founded fnel, on the premise of a platform of people for the people, where technology serves as a tool to enhance the experience. Here we provide a place for top stylists and influencers to interact with people who want advice on what to wear and how to match clothes together.

fnel[f.nel] is a social platform that will provide styling services for individuals. The project is a fashion and style-based social media combined with a freelancing marketplace where there will be two major user categories: consumers and professional or practical stylists. The connection between the consumers and stylists is a needs-based connection, which is established by the rating system that will be developed throughout the system growth model. Meanwhile, consumers would be able to find instant, reliable, and even occasional free resources for their styling needs. In this regard, the platform will provide an opportunity for stylists and individuals who have a passion for fashion to practice without any hassle in a fully liberal arena.

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